Need a Writer Who Groks High Tech Topics?

Let's face it: there will be times (many times) when you need a writer who understands the nuts and bolts underlying your technology.

Whether you need to document APIs for third-party developers, write user guides for the end users of your products, or simply convince Python skeptics that your Django framework isn't going to kill their souls, you want a writer who can speak with technical grace and dignity. 

And who can compile the code and run performance tests.

As a successful software developer (nearly 11 years at and a freelance writer who's written for a site owned by Macmillan Publishers, I marry together the arts of writing and engineering. 

As a bonus, I'm also a Doctor Who and Star Trek fan, and can wax on about geek culture for hours on end.

Ava Jarvis. Portrait of a geek.


  • Distributed Systems
  • Security
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Heroku and PaaS providers
  • Ruby on Rails and Django full-stack development
  • Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Python
  • And more...
Tobias BuckellNYT Bestselling Author

Ava Jarvis’s ePub tutorial was one of the first step by step guides to creating ePubs that was detailed and easy to understand. Simplifying CSS, XHTML and the other code around eBooks so early on at the beginning of the explosion of eBooks meant it was one of the earliest guides that everyone had bookmarked as we all started to create in this new form of print.